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ALPHA® supports "X SWEDEN 1500 Proyect!
ALPHA® supports 'X SWEDEN 1500 Proyect'... One Air’s adventure in the XXI Century... Flying over the Artic Circle in a Paramotor!!!
The spanish flyer Dani Martínez will attempt to break the world distance record... Further and longer than any other human being has been until now...
20 hours of non-stop flight, from the Artic Circle in Sweden to the Baltic sea nearby the border with Denmark. Nearly 1.500 km from North to South, in the summer months (June/July 2007), where the long hours of daylight and the midnight sun permits these flights.
One Paratrike Eco2 -piloted by Paco Díaz- will follows Dani in all his flight, to make all the aerial images, for safety reasons and at the same time, it will attempt as well, to broken the distance world record in its category (PL2) which is now placed in 291.32 km.
ALPHA®supports this project by supplying the emergency parachute installed in Paco's Paratrike.
New versions of User's Manual and Installation Guide of ALPHA®!
Now also available in French!
New versions of User's Manual and Installation Guide of ALPHA®!
Now also available in English!
If you are ALPHA® client, can visit the section "Manual" in order to unload the new versions.
24 May, EVEREST Summited!24 May, Everest Summited!
...At about 8:15 the summit of Everest was reached. A group of climbers were on the summit when Richard flew over and there were several others very near the summit. They waved at each other! Richard returned safely in the microlight to advance base camp at Syangboche at about 9 am. Angelo was missing for two hours but we have received news that he is safe...
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ALPHA® supports EVEREST Expedition!ALPHA® supports Everest Expedition...
On spring 2004 the british microlight pilot Richard Meredith-Hardy and the italian hang glider pilot Angelo D'arrigo will tow and release a hang glider at 30000 feet heigth, over Mount Everest's peak.
ALPHA® supports this adventure by supplying the emergency parachute installed in Meredith"s trike.
 24/04/2003   New pictures of ALPHA® installations in CGS HAWK!
 13/01/2003   New Pictures of ALPHA® installations!
New Housing with ALPHA® QSO system! Now, this system also can be used with motors of double ignition!